Electric Power Lem 12/10 o 14/12



Lem, the exclusive Italian design motorcycle by Lem Motor, suitable for 6-8 year olds, with 12" or 14" wheels, reinforced frame, double hydraulic brake. Perfect for safe fun.bike LEM 10/10

  • RUOTA 12/10
  • RUOTA 14/12

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Data sheet
800w Brushless motor
Power supply
Electric ignition
3-speed selector
Max weight capacity 75kg
60w/10ah lead battery
speed 25/30 km/h
range for change 20km
upside down fork
rear shock absorber
Motorcycle dimensions 145cm*64cm*65cm saddle height (Mod. 12/10)
Motorcycle dimensions 155cm*64cm*70cm saddle height (Mod. 14/12)
Average weight 51kg/60kg
You look for aluminum
12/10 or 14/12 tyres
Hydraulic disc front brake
Rear hydraulic disc brake

This vehicle is not approved for road traffic, but must be used exclusively on private spaces or on reserved circuit tracks. Only allow children to ride the motorcycle under adult supervision. All our motorbikes or quads are not toys, but sporting goods. They are built in compliance with CE and ISO9000 standards, are subjected to continuous quality controls.