M.A.D. TARGABILE PIOMBO New Version Hub Motor



The future on two wheels, great design equated to an unrivaled technique: now also equipped with a double headlight and adjustable saddle. LEM MOTOR absolute exclusive

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Data sheet

autonomy 35/40 Km
Electric ignition with key block
4 48v 12A batteries
Speed ​​40/45Km/h
Double front light + rear stop
adjustable saddle
reinforced folding and reclining frame
removable saddle
Hub motor transmission
Dimensions 135x60x80 saddle height
maximum load capacity
You look for aluminum
load capacity 150Kg
145/70-6 tyres
Hydraulic disc front brake
Rear hydraulic disc brake
non-slip saddle
Reinforced single-sided front shock absorber
double rear suspension
reinforced frame
battery charger
removable battery compartment
charger jack
on-board computer

N.B. The speed and performance of the vehicle are carried out on a dyno. Actual performance may be affected by the weight carried and the road surface
Front/post bags available upon request
This vehicle is approved for road traffic as a moped,