Quad Hummer 200 T3 TARGABILE



Quad Hum

Agricultural Quad: new T3 Approval Directive 2013/37/EC and amendment of Article 110 of the Italian Civil Code

Thanks to the modification of the art. 110 c.d.s. An agricultural VAT number is NOT required, agricultural machinery can also be registered to private citizens who have the possibility of buying an agricultural quad without having to open an agricultural VAT number.

mer 200cc

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Data sheet
Engine and transmission
Engine type JN1P63QMK Horizontal four stroke
Air Cooling
Bor and stroke 62.5x57.4 mm
Cylinder displacement 177.3 ml
Compression ratio 10:1
PD24 carburettor
maximum power 10 HP/7500 rpm
maximum torque 10Nm/6000rpm
Clutch Automatic
CVT transmission with reverse
Vehicle dimensions (LxWxH)
1810x1050x1120mm (71.3x41.3x44.1 inch)


1250mm (49.2in)

Seat height

860 mm (33.9 in)
Ground clearance

305mm (12in)
Turning radius

1700mm (5.6ft)
Box dimensions (LxWxH)

1700x1130x860mm (66.9x44.5x33.9 inch)

Dry weight


Box gross weight


Front/Rear Basket Capacity 15kg (33lbs)/15kg (33lbs)
Fuel capacity
9.7 liters (2.6 gallons)

Payload capacity
100kg (220lbs)

Capacity of person 1
Chassis suspension brakes
Front suspension

Macpherson independent suspension

Rear suspension

Single Independent Suspension

Front brakes

Hydraulic disc

Rear brakes

Hydraulic disc

Front tyres

23x7-10; 29 PSI

Rear tyres

22x10-10; 27.5 PSl